Top Notch Talent

We Can Find the Needle in the Haystack

The Art of Sales (TAOS) incorporates the most innovative and aggressive hiring process in the automotive industry today, couple this with real-world sales training and you have the ingredients from which world-class sales associates are revealed.

We at TAOS strive to produce the most highly trained sales force ever to be presented, one who is trained to adapt to today’s overeducated consumers, and one the dealership can reinforce their current foundation upon. Our unique process along with industry-leading media employment acquisitions will provide your company not only with an affordable and favorable alternative to the high cost associated with today’s employment needs. It will allow your company to gain a competitive edge by instilling the urgency to utilize the opportunities found with social media. TAOS dedicates an entire day training sales associates how to make social media work for them, one sales class on average increases your dealership’s Facebook “likes” by 35%. “This is the smartest group of sales associates I have ever seen!” is how Daryl Vannoy (General Manager, Carl Gregory Honda) explained after receiving his new staff.

We mine the most extensive applicant database in existence, both on the local and national level. By utilizing these resources we are able to consolidate the time and cost that are normally associated with the hiring process so that your managers can focus on selling cars, which should be their primary goal, not worrying about hiring personnel. This ensures our customers that only those candidates possessing the skills necessary to succeed in today’s automotive sales are selected for your consideration… By utilizing these proven methods, TAOS has developed and implemented a method that minimizes the incurred cost that if you retain the services of TAOS  are now reserved for profit, all of which are a derivative from your decision to allow the experts to handle this daunting and most exhausting task in hiring the “right people.”

The Art of Sales’ process not only delivers, it eliminates the unnecessary legal exposures and time ensuing task of initiating a public announcement, screening applicants, setting and performing one on one interviews, etc.. Again, we do it all, thus allowing your personnel (whose duties are not recruiting new sales associates and quite frankly are ones that most of the time have produced unfavorable results), to focus on car sales.

Retaining the services of TAOS is the proverbial essence of “You get what you pay for,” our motto says it all “If you don’t succeed, we take it personally.”